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Do you have a history buff in your life? The HistioGraph is a great gift idea for anyone interested in history. It's also a perfect gift for those "hard to buy for" people. And the price is just right at $29.95 including shipping anywhere in the world.

The crew at daddoes.com has done a HistioGraph review which is pretty entertaining! It will give you a good idea of the size of the chart and what it looks like.

We've also been featured on the best Christmas gifts in Australia blog. It's a great site with some excellent gift ideas.

The HistioGraph is a world history timeline chart that depicts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures from 1500 BCE to the present day. It charts nations in the form of ‘rivers of time’, giving perspective and understanding to how the flow of civilizations have shaped our world.

Of the thousands of peoples, nations and cultures in human history, the HistioGraph focuses on the most prominent as defined by relative power, influence and legacy. The HistioGraph provides a concise perspective of world history, helping us to understand the complex story of human development.

Order your copy now $A29.95.

World history timeline chart

The HistioGraph is a leading historical timeline charting world history. It vertically charts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures in the form of ‘rivers of time’, with horizontal widths assessing fluctuations of relative power, influence and legacy. Exclusion is not a reflection of value.

History buff gift

The HistioGraph is a great history gift idea, perfect for the history buff or those hard to buy for people in your life! The stylish poster measure 162cm x 35cm (52" x 25.5") and is folded to fit it's A4-sized custom-designed package. HistioGraph uses PayPal, the easier and faster way to pay online, and the $29.95 purchase price includes delivery anywhere in the world.

Things you can do with your HistioGraph

  1. Great gift idea for a friend or family member, especially 'hard to buy for' people
  2. Put it up in your toilet
  3. Join the discussion – add your comment to the HistioGraph Facebook page
  4. Handy history reference for the family
  5. Live vicariously in the past
  6. Cut it into a jigsaw puzzle